Pitch Bitch, episode 5

Puerto Rico FC v Indy Eleven

An evening of soccer in haiku

Zayed and Ramon of PR FC

Eamon Zayed gets a critical step on Puerto Rico’s Ramon Soria as he nails a header into the net for his second goal of the evening. (Image/graphic courtesy of Indy Eleven)

Searching for inspiration while watching the first half of this evening’s match, the Pitch Bitch opted to exercise an under-utilized tool in the field of sports reporting: haiku.

Inelegant ball

dominates back-and-forth play

in first-half review.

Indy’s fails unchecked,

PR club not so lucky.

Zayed slays loose ball.

Oh no, Don Smart down!

Worry fades as speedy Don stands,

remains in the game.

At half, home team up

one-nothing, but game open.

Much is possible.

Perhaps tight passing,

creative, play-making runs:

The beautiful game.

On to second half:

We see many more long passes.

One sets assist.

Marco Franco spies

Zayed streaming up weak side;

cross to head finds goal!


With just minutes left

Indy allows handball in box

Puerto Rico scores.


Visitors earn a

consolation prize from hosts:

goals for everyone.


Too bad teams lost cool.

Near match’s end, fight breaks out.

No class in violence.


The win is Indy’s

but Puerto Rico returns

to play again soon.


P.S. Hurricane

Relief more important than game.

Please donate today!


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