How to receive a Rebecca Townsend massage

Thai massage by PYONKO OMEYAMA via Flickr

Visit me at Lift and try Shiatsu Stretching, which blends elements of Thai massage with Shiatsu techniques. Or choose Swedish Bliss, which blends classic Swedish technique with trigger point therapy, acupressure and assisted stretching. (Photo “Thai massage” by Pyonko Omeyama via Flickr Creative Commons)

Everyone should visit the fabulous massage studio, Lift Therapeutic Massage, in Downtown Indy’s Fletcher Place, at least once in their lifetimes.

Better yet, get on a monthly or quarterly wellness schedule. It’s high-class, first-rate service. I’m honored to work with a very talented group of people.

Beautiful irony that we still fix bodies in a refurbished auto garage. The acclaimed diner Milktooth occupies 75% of the building we share. Book with me at or call us at 317/964-0788.

If you’d prefer in-home massage service, contact me directly.

My technique ranges in pressure depending on a client’s needs and can include acupressure, targeted deep work, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching and sports massage.

And remember this holiday season: You can put me under the tree — with a massage gift certificate. Would monthly massage enrich your life and the lives of the people you love? Yep. Guaranteed.

Hope to see you on my table soon.

— Rebecca Townsend, licensed massage therapist, sports and medical massage

Email: hoosierchild at

Call: 317/509-0939.

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