Custom bodywork, massage in Downtown Indy

Lift Therapeutic Massage is my Indy base of operations as I transition from school into the working world of massage therapy. One of the owners, Tasha Blackman, ran a successful practice in Broad Ripple for more than a decade. Now, she and her partner, the artist Nicci Herren, share a space with the restaurant Milktooth in a renovated automobile service station in Fletcher Place, which is near Lilly, between Downtown and Fountain Square. The team also includes Jess, who left life as a zookeeper to pursue massage therapy, and Chris, who practices physical therapy and active, isolated stretching along with Pfrimmer method deep-tissue work.

My MBLEX national bodywork certification exam will be sometime in the next few weeks. Then just a bit more state bureaucracy to claw through before I can actually accept money for the skill I’ve now spent more than 750 hours practicing at the nationally accredited Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage. Yay! I’m so excited! Hope lots of beat up muscles come in for restoration.

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