Indy Eleven sends New York Cosmos home with 1-1 tie

Enjoy these highlights of an exciting home opener for Indy Eleven Pro Soccer’s 2015 season in the North American Soccer League.

The storied New York Cosmos brought heavy offensive firepower, including Raúl, a legendary Real Madrid player, and Marcos Senna, a star from La Liga’s Villarreal club. The talent ran much deeper than the marquee with the Cosmos presenting a united and constant threat to Indy, dominating about 60 percent of possession.

Player of the game: Newcomer Brian Brown for putting Indy on the board — an excellent message to send to New York and all his new fans. Jamaican soccer? Yes, please! Indiana can work with that!

Honorable mention: Kristian Nicht. Without him, Indy would not have walked away from this match with a tie. Truly some excellent saves from our German friend.

Really, though. Honorable mention to everyone! How great to see the team emerge this evening after the evolution of this past year. Last year at this time, the roster was nowhere near complete and six members of the team were rookies. This year, a team of pro veterans stepped to the field, a team that is showing promising signs of continued creativity and chemistry.

Keeping the world posted on “the experiment,” as Kléberson first termed Indy’s pro soccer operation, is an honor and a duty for this player/coach/fan/analyst.

Expect to find a barrage of tasty soccer treats posted here — and perhaps in conjunction with some exciting new friends — as the season progresses.

Yours truly in the beautiful game,

Rebecca Townsend

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