The Pitch Bitch

Rebecca at Ghana game

The Pitch Bitch (aka Rebecca Townsend) is all smiles June 16, 2014 in Natal, Brazil, after using an emergency $100 bill tucked into her bikini to sit about 30 rows away from the sideline of the U.S.A.’s 2-1 victory over Ghana. She was extra happy to document Indiana native DaMarcus Beasley’s becoming the first U.S. player to start in four consecutive World Cups.


A note on constructive criticism from the Pitch Bitch: The observations made in this column are not meant as personal attacks. The author respects the work and pressure it takes to be a professional athlete. In the spirit of open communication, she offers her honest critique. Take it if it helps or leave it if it doesn’t. She hopes not to hurt feelings but to help build the game as one of this world’s best shots at peace and happiness. This chronicle of a team she’s watched from its inception is an act of love and hope that deeper awareness of the game will improve her offerings as a coach, player and analyst. Game on! (For the most recent game report, click “The Pitch Bitch in the side bar.”)

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