Experiencing Hoosier Shangrila

Welcome to my platform.

Here we will journey through the life of Rebecca Townsend (aka Coach Willie Mack), an investigative, multimedia journalist and ag specialist, soccer coach, massage college student, mother, wife, friend and Indy Eleven fan. (Other teams she roots for include the Indy AlleyCats Ultimate Frisbee, Indiana Pacers, the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana University — especially soccer and basketball, Earlham College and Mizzou.) She is currently writing her pièce de résistance, “Becca Had Balls: A Hoosier reporter goes rogue during Brazil’s 2014 World Cup.”

Hoosier Shangrila represents many levels of experience.

Hoosier Shangrila at the Hash Road Hideaway is a rustic retreat. Magnificent Indiana hardwoods line the hills encircling Lake Alison, a small spring-fed lake. A funky old cabin in which each wing represents a separate era of the property’s history sits at the lake’s edge.

People seeking solace from the everyday rat race have sought refuge at Hash Road for generations.

As the property is reclaimed, rooms will begin to become available for short and long-term rental. In addition, camping on the hideaway’s secluded 20 acres is an option. [Contact hoosierchild at gmail some more information.]

Hoosier Shangrila is also the business name Townsend uses for her massage practice, which she is beginning to build in advance of her July 2015 graduation from the Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage. Friends are taking advantage of her offer to provide free massages through July as she immerses herself in anatomical education. All volunteers are warned that her touch is addicting. Focused on relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, energy work and other modalities that help clients obtain their body work goals, Townsend’s practice aims to build long-term wellness relationships as people experience improvements in their overall quality of life.

Hoosier Shangrila began as a riff on the “Shangrila” namesake of a Midtown Indianapolis estate currently undergoing a dramatic remodeling. Upon completion, a portion of the renovated Midcentury marvel will be used for receiving bodywork clients in the Circle City. Hoosier Shangrila Massage will also receive clients at the Hash Road Hideaway. A permanent schedule will be devised upon graduation from ICSMM.

Ultimately, Shangrila represents belief in an idea more wonderful than one can conceive of on one’s own — enlightenment, heaven on earth — a connection to something timeless and eternal.

Welcome to the journey.

(January 11, 2015, Indianapolis)

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